The Center

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                                        There isn’t a person anywhere that isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can.

The Center will be a regular sports center but geared toward a Paralympic style training center.
This will be the first of its kind. Based in the Chicago-land area, it will help men, women, and children of all ages, with the understanding of physical limitations, and the ability to help reach their dreams of becoming the a Paralympic Athlete.
It will be open to the general public in order to help break down the barriers that have separated these outstanding athletes in the past.
Quick notes on the center design
Starting from the rooftop down:  The 340,000 sq foot roof top comes complete with Solar, water reclamation system and wind turbines that will be laid in the spines of the peaks across most of the rooftop.
Built into the precast walls will be solar optic ports that will be to help light the center and keep the
overhead down. Lumen sensors will be used in conjunction with the optic ports throughout the center.
The foliage and the fountains will be fed mostly by reclaimed water that is caught onsite, this also will serve as part of the humidity and heat control to the center.

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The center is a year-round sports training facility in and out.

The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure, these qualities are so much more important than the events that occur.

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The monthly fee covers all that the center has to offer  and including the specialized classes that are offered in addition to the sports                            Such as: Nutritional training, Scuba, Aerobics, Yoga and Day care while at the center. An informational resource room for use of finding funding or information on medical conditions, or rules and regulation to sporting events.

                                                                             Before you can win, you have to believe you are worthy.

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Upon completion the center will be self supportive; this is to include payrolls and utilities, thru its offsite revenue resources that also will serve as transitional training sites.


As you walk in thru the front door you will travel through a dedicated area just for climbing. This room is 200 feet wide and 80 feet deep with walls reaching 50 feet in height to include tunnels caverns used to cross over the entry tunnel, and on either side of the entry tunnel,there are live trees, foliage, and ponds with live fish. The water that feeds into these ponds are part of the water reclamation system that is used within our green concept, complete with more ponds, trees, foliage, full scale restaurant, a medical office,As you come to the reception area, you will see a commons area that spans 240′ by 240′.  It is  build. 12 glass elevators, a juice bar, a coffee and old fashion soda fountain, and a 14000 sq ft workout facility. a Hockey Rink and 4 Curling Courts.
The East wing will house a 200 meter indoor track and in its field it will contain 3 tennis  courts, a full wheelchair rugby court, a sit Volleyball court, bocce pits, table tennis   and a wheelchair Soccer court. The Concept of the inner track is that is a multi purpose   floor and the design of it changes with low level inset lights that allow it to change to its   specific needs. The indoor track is set with stadium style seating as to the restriction of the   size of the building. Beyond the track there is the 200′ indoor archery range and 10 batting   cages.
 The South wing is beyond the weight training facility, you enter through either side of the weight   room. Here you will find the child daycare complete with an indoor playground, a retail shop for   small equipment needs, several offices for different charities to use as an on need basis, a zero   entry pool and whirlpool, a nutritionist teaching area and finally an Olympic size swimming pool complete with touch pads and stadium seating.


The fountain room is enclosed by floor to ceiling glass. The fountain is where every stock holders name will be placed that helped achieve this journey. This wing is completely dedicated to those who helped build this center. It will contain a fountain, infinity pool, ponds and live fish. It will be a secluded place of get away. It will be peppered with places to sit, to have coffee or a meal, or to watch games in play, or to
watch the climbers reach the summit.
West and East Wings
Each will consist of five basket ball courts surrounded by stadium seating. Each center court will have ultra-tron score board and video projector screens and digital video reading boards around the walls. These courts will all have team rooms on either side of the courts along with digital review capability of games. Each court will have digital game film made as in real time. Center courts to be completed with stadium sound and video systems.
The South Wing
There will be a textile room for making uniforms and other apparel, a full print shop, an on hand shop for repair of equipment. These will be used for transitional persons back into the work force through training while providing the ease of money spent by other struggling teams that are trying to budget their fundraising and annual events.
The Textile Shop
It will have full capabilities to go from cloth bolt to fully completed uniforms as well as picture print and embroidery.
The Print Shop
Will carry a full four color press as well as computer design and computerized printing for handling as small as business cards to full wall hangings. There will also be vinyl printing and vinyl cutting for those awesome decals.
The Metal Shop
It will primarily used to fix or repair chairs but will be able to do any kind of repair from soldering welding rings to being able to build a wrought iron fence for your yard.
The Two Large Inner Rooms
Will be used for maintenance of the building, the laundry and video services of the center and will also be used as transitional training. There are 28 rooms available for visiting officials, team coaches, and staff to use on longer tournaments. Two multi use rooms, for staff and 5 offices
The Roof Tops
Has three wings available to be used as multi purpose areas. Three full indoor and outdoor kitchens, one per wing. These areas can be used as open air or closed for those colder days. They can be used for banquets or additional seating overlooking your favorite games.